Simon Mayo – Book Club Review of the Year 2012, BBC Radio 2

‘My favourite book of the year is A Matter of Life and Death by Paul Carroll. Very clever satire from a debutant author, well worth the read.’ (Contributor)

Manchester Evening News

‘The novel, a satire about death and bereavement in the reality TV age, includes a rather raunchy scene set among the gravestones at Southern Cemetery.’


‘Carroll’s written a picaresque novel satirising advertising and the cult of vicarious tears. It’s a right laugh but gets in a few cunning jabs as well.’

‘Satirical and shrewd in its societal observations, A Matter of Life and Death owes a debt to Evelyn Waugh’s The Loved One. This is a cautionary tale of what happens when hype becomes hysteria.’

The Drum

‘…A good ride through the worlds of commerce, celebrity, politics and PR all mixed together with a hefty dose of black humour.’

Female First

‘While A Matter of Life and Death deals cynically with some fairly large targets such as the media, politics, and the fame-hungry, it’s nevertheless warm-hearted at its core.’

Buzz Northwest

‘I can think of no better way to summarise the book than to say that I started reading page 1 at about 7pm one night and carried on until I got to the end of page 284 without looking up.’