Trouble Brewing

Brian Parkin, a TV celebrity chef whose star is on the wane, is enlisted as a somewhat unlikely figurehead to help save a Yorkshire brewery in this bittersweet tale.

Brimdale Brewery is facing closing time as it strives to protect its famous Brim ‘miracle’ ale.  A rival brewery will stop at nothing to ensure they don’t survive.  Centuries of tradition as well as jobs are at stake.

Unlikely local support, in the shape of an award-winning historical novelist, a retired cricketer and the world champion ferret legger, join Brian in sending out the message that miracles can happen and Brim must be saved.  Their antics raise smiles and tears in equal measure.

As the town unites, love flourishes, a mother and daughter are reconciled and unlikely heroes emerge.

But as the clock ticks down to last orders, is Brim and its miraculous powers all it’s cracked up to be?

Published: 2017

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