Written Off

Four aspiring authors dream of getting their work into print.  Self-publishing is seen as a cop out.  But as they strive for a breakthrough, they are unaware that in the world of traditional publishing, editors, agents and established authors have enough problems of their own.

The only person who seems to be doing well out of the writing game, the man selling the shovels in a gold rush, is the founder of The Write Stuff, a company providing ‘how to get published’ help to would-be authors.

As the wannabe wordsmiths attempt to scramble on to the ‘up’ escalator to literary fame during The Write Stuff’s annual conference, will they notice the dejected author of many years’ standing passing them by, going in the opposite direction?

As the conference builds to an explosive climax, what lengths will the prospectors go to in order to strike it rich?  Don’t be fooled into thinking that writing a book never killed anyone.

Published: 2016

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“You want to be a writer?  Read this book!”

“The business of modern book publishing is laid bare… the humour is dark”

“Very funny. Recommended for anyone who is thinking of writing a book - you may change your mind after this”

“Want to get a book deal? Be careful what you wish for”

“A clever page-turner with humour and a twist. In "Written Off", Paul Carroll has skewered the publishing industry in an enjoyable and entertaining novel. A Tom Sharpe for this decade”

“Carroll combines humour with pathos to paint a vivid and entertaining picture of the toiling scribbler with visions of fame and fortune”

“Written Off is full of enjoyable twists and turns that keep the reader gripped throughout, though you may find it turns you off the idea of trying to compete yourself in the ‘bitch eat bitch world’ of publishing”

“Excellent, fast paced and funny with a plethora of stimulating characters to keep you entertained. When will it be on screen?”

“Full of shrewd and clever insights into the publishing business it is above all else extremely funny”

“Makes you glad you never tried to get a book published”