Paul Carroll’s latest comic novel Trouble Brewing is no small beer

Set around the fate of a small Yorkshire brewery, Paul Carroll’s latest novel Trouble Brewing is a light-hearted, comic and entertaining read, full of quirky characters, twists and turns.

Brian Parkin, a TV celebrity chef whose star is on the wane, is enlisted as an unlikely figurehead to help save the Brimdale brewery in this bittersweet tale. Brimdale is facing closing time as it strives to protect its famous Brim ‘miracle’ ale. Centuries of tradition as well as jobs are at stake and, as if that wasn’t enough, a rival brewery will stop at nothing to nobble its pesky competitor.

Trouble Brewing explores celebrity culture, romance and the art of the white lie at the same time as throwing in Brexit as a chaser. Or, in short, it’s Ready Steady Cook meets The Full Monty.

Author Paul Carroll, who was actually born in a pub in Leeds, felt that such a story could only take place in Yorkshire: ‘After all, where else would you come across a grouchy ex-cricketer, a world champion ferret legger, a historical novelist and a wrestler’s daughter all propping up the same bar?’ he asks.

Brought up and educated in Leeds, Paul studied English at the University of Manchester before going on to run his own successful PR consultancy. Nowadays Paul concentrates on his writing. Trouble Brewing is his third novel following A Matter of Life and Death (Matador, 2012) and Written Off (Matador, 2016).


Trouble Brewing, ISBN: 9781788037327, is available now from Amazon and usual outlets. Paperback is priced at £8.99, E-book at £3.99.



Praise for Paul Carroll’s previous novels:

‘An entertaining and all too familiar account of thwarted ambition, frustration and rejection’ – HELLO! Magazine

Satirical and shrewd in its societal observations…this is a cautionary tale of what happens when hype becomes hysteria’ –

‘Paul’s account is genuinely funny, his characters are all very real, and the goings-on are right on the money. Brilliant!’ – Books Monthly.