Yorkshire-born author Paul Carroll is marking the county’s annual day of celebration by turning against type – he’s giving his new novel, Trouble Brewing, away for free on Tuesday August 1st because it’s a ‘reet good Yorkshire read’.

Set in the imaginary White Rose town of Brimdale Trouble Brewing follows disgraced former celebrity chef Brian Parkin as he leads a campaign to save the Brimdale Brewery and its ‘miracle’ Brim ale from closure. This light-hearted, comic and entertaining read, full of quirky characters, twists and turns, has already been dubbed ‘Ready Steady Cook meets the Full Monty’.

To help mark the free giveaway, copies of the book, together with a special pint bottle of Trouble Brewing beer and a matching pint glass have been sent to a group of well-known Yorkies to help them raise a toast on Yorkshire Day. Recipients include famous God’s Own County chefs James Martin and Brian Turner, cricketers Sir Geoffrey Boycott and Joe Root, writers Alan Bennett, Politician William Hague and Yorkshire’s favourite athletic duo, The Brownlee brothers.

Brian Turner has already started reading his copy saying: Ay Up! Read the first 4 chapters already, it’s great fun! #yorkshireday

The e-version of the book will be available to download, completely free of charge, from Amazon throughout Yorkshire Day (Tuesday August 1st, 2017):


Author Paul Carroll, who was born in a pub in Leeds, has defended himself against accusations he’s bringing the county into disrepute by giving away ‘owt for nowt’.  He says, ‘I have to confess I’d had a beer or two when I decided on this move. I’m even making it free to non-Yorkshire readers. I think I may have been living over near Manchester a bit too long.’