Assisted dying

Adding to the Assisted Dying Debate on National Media


  It’s not often a writer is invited onto the UK’s TV screens to discuss a parliamentary debate, but that’s the position I found myself at the end of April as politicians responded to a petition, signed by over 200,000 people, to discuss whether it was right to legalise assisted dying here in the UK.

Listen up! Shaking Hands with Elvis released on audiobook


The ‘Shaking Hand with Elvis’ audiobook is now available on Audible (if you’re not already signed up to Audible, you can try a FREE one-month trial). For a book about assisted dying, Shaking Hands with Elvis has been very much brought to life by narrator Samuel James. Samuel has been performing professionally for over 20

Assisted Dying – Where Does the Killing Stop?


  When assisted dying is legalised following the sell-off of the NHS, where does the killing stop? In Paul Carroll’s latest novel, Shaking Hands with Elvis, an uncaring government has legalised assisted dying, but it’s not only the terminally ill it relaxes the rules for.  Following the disintegration of the NHS, anybody considered to have

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