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Twenty-four book bloggers put ‘Don’t Ask’ to the test on launch.  The verdict?  They loved it! ‘DON’T ASK’ BLOG TOUR REVIEW HIGHLIGHTS “A rollercoaster of emotions. A page turner. This book is going to stay with me for a long time” @bookreview “I loved the writing style… you can tell every detail was researched well”

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Ever fancied a peek inside Pandora’s box? Read the opening chapters of *Don’t Ask* for FREE in this *all-you-need-to-know* @book2look introduction to the novel. Either use the link https://www.book2look.com/book/ufVFWnXdIs or scan the following QR code: Neilsen Book2Look is a great way to discover new books and writers. What are you waiting for?

Readers’s Digest: Why you should steer clear of DNA-based genealogy test kits


Article reproduced from Reader’s Digest A rock in the gene pool? For his latest novel, gripping family drama Don’t Ask, author Paul Carroll has created an original and timely take on the classic whodunnit involving a home DNA testing kit. As he reveals, the idea for his book came from personal experience. While things for

Silversurfers on Don’t Ask: ‘… a cracking edge-of-your-seat read you won’t want to miss.’


  Review reproduced from Silversurfers website. Contemporary fiction writer’s new book, Don’t Ask, is a fresh take on a whodunnit involving home DNA tests, with a hefty dose of seventies nostalgia thrown in.  Whodunnits are always popular with readers, as are gripping family dramas…and explosive new novel Don’t Ask has managed to combine the two. Set in

DNA Genealogy Kits – Stop Before You Spit


Following the launch of my novel Don’t Ask last week I appeared on a number of BBC Radio stations discussing the dangers and downsides of over-the-counter DNA genealogy testing kits.    These kits have many appeals, but the user is well advised to check out what they’re letting themselves in for before they spit into

Author Q and A with Paul Carroll


Reproduced from Female First Female First speaks to Leeds-born author Paul Carroll about the inspiration for his new novel, Don’t Ask, about his former career in PR, and about his love of music, among other things. Your latest novel is about the issues that can arise from having a home DNA test. Can you sum

Female First selects Don’t Ask as ‘Must Read’ of the week.


Reproduced from Female First  Contemporary fiction author Paul Carroll’s new novel Don’t Ask is a gripping family drama that explores the unexpected consequences of taking a home DNA test, and which shockingly reaffirms the old adage, ‘Be careful what you wish for’. By Gwyn Rees For those who enjoy novels that draw on present-day social

The story behind Don’t Ask – Interview with Paul Carroll


The idea for my novel Don’t Ask was inspired by my partner’s mother.  Lesley took a DNA genealogy test out of idle curiosity only to discover the identity of her biological father – a family secret for years.  Her shock and surprise was equalled only by the other family involved who quickly shut down any

What goes on tour…


Launch day for Don’t Ask, and I’m going on tour.  A blog tour that is, visiting twenty-eight different book bloggers over the next fourteen-days. No roadies, riders or overnight travel on a tour bus required – it’s a strictly online experience as my latest work is paraded in front of an audience of discerning and

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