Written Off by Paul Carroll – what they’re saying:


‘You want to be a writer?  Read this book!’


‘The business of modern book publishing is laid bare… the humour is dark’


‘A clever page-turner with humour and a twist. In “Written Off”, Paul Carroll has skewered the publishing industry in an enjoyable and entertaining novel. A Tom Sharpe for this decade’


‘Carroll combines humour with pathos to paint a vivid and entertaining picture of the toiling scribbler with visions of fame and fortune


‘The book is filled with humour, of that there is no doubt. It’s a fun read that guys those who deserve to be guyed and also pokes gentle fun at the credulous and the well-meaning’


‘The first few pages intrigued me. I was addicted to reading more. I would definitely recommend…’


‘This is a very entertaining, and occasionally biting, satire of the current state of the publishing industry’


‘Written Off is full of enjoyable twists and turns that keep the reader gripped throughout, though you may find it turns you off the idea of trying to compete yourself in the “bitch eat bitch world” of publishing’


‘A refreshing and twisting novel that displays loving care on each page’


‘Excellent, fast paced and funny with a plethora of stimulating characters to keep you entertained. When will it be on screen?’


‘Terrifically funny and original book, a great satire of the publishing world. It pokes fun in a very English way and in style is similar to Evelyn Waugh in its caustic view of humanity!’


‘Very funny. Recommended for anyone who is thinking of writing a book – you may change your mind after this’


‘Want to get a book deal? Be careful what you wish for’


‘Full of shrewd and clever insights into the publishing business it is above all else extremely funny’


Paul’s account is genuinely funny, his characters are all very real, and the goings-on are right on the money. Brilliant!


‘Paul Carroll has created a potpourri of aspirational writers that keep the reader’s interest throughout the book’


‘Makes you glad you never tried to get a book published’



‘This is the kind of book that would be ideal as a holiday read’


‘Enlightenment to all those aspiring writers seeking to penetrate the closed shop nature of the publishing world’









Extracts from Written Off reviews on Amazon, goodreads, and Netgalley